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About Us

How many video marketing companies truly understand brand strategy, design, best web practices, complex value propositions and how to leverage digital media in a social world? Well, there’s at least one. Humblebee Media provides new media marketing solutions to entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized businesses. We help our clients build their brand and establish their companies in a newly changing landscape of social media, video, and interactive communication. We help our clients connect with their fans and build loyal followers out of their customers. We work with our client’s budget in mind.



Creative Producer
With an extensive background in the creative and entrepreneurial arts, Cherdon’s skills cover a wide range of ground including print and web design, film making, acting, the visual arts, illustration, photography, writing and music. Cherdon is also Director of Austin Film Meet, a community filmmakers organization.


Brandon Boggs

Technical Producer
A graduate of UT of Austin, Brandon has called Austin home for more than 16 years. For the past 8 years, he has owned and operated Humblebee PC, an IT consulting company. Because Brandon and technology are such good friends, he works wonders on computers. His special powers also extend to the world of photography, videography and lighting.

Our Mission

We aim to build long-term relationships with clients and collaborators by providing outstanding services to increase the success of projects in need. We provide creative and affordable solutions for marketing, promotions, social media and advertising services for non-profits, entrepreneurs, small businesses, independent professionals and the music and entertainment industries. We execute our mission with integrity and humility.

Our Team

At Humblebee Media, we believe in collaboration and team work. We are firm believers in the “two heads are better than one” philosophy. We just couldn’t do the amazing things we do, if we didn’t have an incredible team of heroes.

Why Choose Us

  1. We genuinely care about your success!
  2. We love small businesses!
  3. We aim high!
  4. We have a history of success!
  5. We have a lot of fun and love what we do!

Our History

Humblebee Media was founded by Brandon Boggs and H.Cherdon Bedford. After meeting in film school at Austin Film Works, the couple fell in love with film making as much as with each other. So they decided to combine forces to become a powerful duo of heroic proportions. Both formerly self-employed, Humblebee Media seemed an obvious solution for merging their two skill sets. They believe that by working together they can make a bigger impact in the world around them.

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